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Did Alyce LaViolette commit perjury on the stand? and other ramblings.

16 Apr

say whaaaaaaat

“Say whaaaaaaaaat?”

Well Friday Ms. LaViolette finally tripped over the mess Jodi has made and fallen ever so deep into the rabbit hole leading straight to Juan-derland! I must say, I felt that it was only a matter of time before the hole the defense was digging themselves into caved in on them. Say goodbye to your careers, they will forever be smudged with the stain that is Jodi Arias.

The jury asked how many men Alyce LaViolette had testified on behalf of in court during her 30 year career to which she responded two. Upon cross examination, Martinez caught her in a lie, as she has never testified on behalf of a man at all in criminal court.  She only wrote a report on one, she did not testify on behalf of either of them. Perjury! But this really did not surprise me. Remember that day devoted solely to highlighting the achievements and experience in LaViolette’s career? When asked if she had a private practice back home LaViolette replies, “I hope so when I get back.” At first I thought maybe she thinks the business can’t stay afloat without her that long… then I thought harder. It could definitely be difficult to operate a practice if you get stripped of your licenses, dignity, and especially credibility. Ouch. Now, she may not lose any licenses or her business, no one knows yet…. but one thing is for certain… the credibility is definitely gone. Lets take a moment to pause in reflection….


Alyce LaViolette’s Credibility 

April 12, 2013

Anyways, Martinez definitely has a method to his madness.  Those that do not understand his questioning techniques need only to watch and wait – and they will see everything come out in the wash.  Not everyone has the attention span to follow along with him apparently, as I have seen quite a few unenlightened folks around the web making some very hasty statements regarding Martinez and the way he questions witnesses. Perhaps they only watch snippets of the trial and base their opinion mostly on that without really getting all the facts…. or seeing the autopsy photos of Travis’ nearly decapitated head and body full of stab wounds. I happen to think he is just JUAN-derful at what he does! He is the only voice for the victim, and I think he’s been doing a damn good job speaking for Travis.

Juan Martinez is a true One-Man-Show.  He must have a mind like a steel trap, I rarely see him refer to any notes, unlike Willmott constantly flipping through her notepad.  The defense stumbles over the simplest of concepts, while Juan nails them to the floor.  Since now we all know that 90% of communication is body language, I would like to point out the body language of the defense. When I see Juan sitting there while the defense has the floor, I see someone who is deep in thought, taking it all in, processing information, truly focused on what he is listening to.  While the prosecution is up, the defense really hams it up. I see snarky looks, smiles, smirks, Willmott on the edge of her seat ready to object, and that constant “Oh shit” look on her face , like she just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. And does she have a twitch or something now to help Alyce answer questions? We won’t even mention Nurmi!  Nothing about the defense nor their witnesses speaks to me in a way that portrays professionalism anymore.  As I stated in a previous blog post, I was willing to give LaViolette (and the rest of the defense) the benefit of the doubt.  But that time has come and gone.

Based on the jury questions this last go round, I think they tire of  the defense as well.  Juan is going to poke so many holes (no pun intended) in their domestic violence story by the time he is done, I hope that the jury has been paying close attention to what he is doing. This is all just my 2 cents and everyone else is entitled to their own opinions, because we all know what they say about opinions…. they’re like butt holes (hopefully not like Jodi’s tho)… everybody has one. Some just stink more than others!  🙂