A late update and a new Jodi show on YouTube (Link at the end)

6 Jun

Due to some illness and some procrastination, this blog entry is rather belated.  Nevertheless, here it is! I am sure most people know by now  that the jury is hung and we will resume the penalty phase with a retrial on July 18.  If this second jury also hangs, the judge will then decide to either sentence Jodi to life in prison, or to release her after 25 years (like that will ever happen! This judge knows whats up!)

Either way, I can honestly say now that we have the first degree premeditated murder conviction…. I could personally care less if Jodi lives or dies.  So long as justice will be served one way or another.  I do hope for the family’s sake that she gets the death penalty… I know they want that, and for good reason.  If Jodi is allowed to live, she is going to continue dragging Travis and his family thru the mud.  She thinks she has struck gold with this domestic violence nonsense and she is making the most of it.

Now, I’m not going to deny that Travis was a bit of a player, and he may have messed with her heart some.  But most guys are that way when they are dating, and women can be even worse. But that doesn’t mean you can kill someone.  We all know Jodi killed Travis because she is nuttier than a fruitcake, there is no doubt about it.  She was obsessed!

In my internet escapades I have found another show for your viewing pleasure…. lets face it, it’s basically the same old crap in a new form, but it’s still worth watching. Click here to watch it on YouTube.


New 48 Hours – Unraveling the lies of Jodi Arias

20 May

Click here to watch

A picture is worth a thousand words!

17 May

Before and After

Honestly, if this does not speak to you, I don’t know what will.  On the left, I chose a picture that I felt fully represented Jodi’s attitude during this entire trial (and yes, I have watched the whole thing (minus the sidebars) AND the interrogation videos which are definitely worth watching). She always had that snarky, confident, smirky smile that just rubbed me the wrong way, not to mention how amused she looked most of the time.  This was a murder trial – a DEATH PENALTY case nonetheless – and Jodi and Willmott have been acting like it’s a high school blow-off class with their constant note passing, whispering, and giggles.

I feel almost 100% positive that Jodi thought the Jury was buying her story of abuse all along. Until the verdict was read, she honestly looked shocked, with that “I can’t believe this is really happening to me… someone pinch me!” look on her face.  The next day when Jodi showed up in court, I was amazed at her expression. Gone is that evil grin, gone is the arrogant posture, gone is the doodling and note writing.  Now we have a somber, reality stricken individual that seems to have realized for the first time in the last 4 months that hey… “I didn’t manage to pull the wool over the eyes of even one juror…. oh shit. I’m in trouble now!”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t have compassion, because even though Jodi is a monster, I can’t deny that somewhere deep inside I feel a little bit sorry for her… mainly because that’s just how I am.  But that feeling is overshadowed by her actions, not only the murder of Travis, but the way she has drug him and his family through the mud, the way she has acted on the stand, the lies she has told, the way she plays the victim when she clearly is not….my list could go on and on.  All of that speaks multitudes to me.

There comes a point in your life where you have to face the reality of the world we live in, and that reality is that nothing is always as it seems.  There are bad people out there, wolves in sheeps clothing waiting for an unsuspecting victim, that just how that ball bounces. I know there are a lot of people out there who want to give Jodi the benefit of the doubt, but there is “the benefit of the doubt” and then there is just plain ‘ol “ignorance” and I am sorry to those that still think Jodi is innocent but you fit into the ignorant category.

Now, before you jump on me and say I’m rude, allow me to define “ignorant” – Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular. I truthfully believe that anyone who takes the “Jodi is innocent” stance is obviously lacking some information or knowledge about this case.  It’s not just a matter of opinion, it is a matter of facts. For example, you are in your living room taking a nap on the couch. You wake up to notice that someone has tracked in grease all over your white carpet into the kitchen. You get up to find your significant other in the kitchen making something to eat, wearing greasy shoes.  They deny having walked across the living room floor, stating they came in the other door, but it’s obvious that the shoe prints in the living room belong to their shoes, as well as the grease. And there is no evidence of the other door being used. If it weren’t for the FACT that their greasy shoes matched the greasy prints, you would only be left with the OPINION that your significant other was responsible for the stains. But since you have evidence, you can prove it as fact.

Look at the Jodi Arias case the same way, it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Jodi Arias is guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder. To those that think she is innocent, PLEASE, don’t believe what Jodi is feeding you.  You have the internet, which is an endless resource of information, and your own brain, USE THEM to your advantage and do some research into the evidence of this case before jumping to conclusions based on the ramblings of a self-serving liar!


Nurmi & Willmott are denied withdrawal

16 May

As I’ve said before, I feel sorry for Jodi’s lawyers, you know they did not want this case.  How would you feel if you were forced to represent Jodi and make a case for her “innocence”?  I am at work, so unfortunately (as usual) I don’t have much time to write (I am also watching victim impact statements and I don’t multi-task very well), but I am going to post a link that my co-worker sent me about Nurmi & Willmott requesting to withdraw from this case, but they were denied.

Arias found GUILTY of murder in the 1st degree!

8 May


Watch Jodi’s reaction to the verdict being read

I must say, this really did not surprise me one bit. In fact, I thoroughly expected it.  Anything less, and I would have been greatly disappointed in our justice system.

I am not morally opposed to the death penalty. Which I hope Jodi gets. :::EDIT::: After reading that Jodi would prefer the death penalty, I almost retracted this statement.  I almost hope Jodi gets life in prison so she can be miserable the rest of her life.  Whatever will make her most miserable, thats what she deserves.  I read in the newspaper this morning that she is quoted as saying “death is the ultimate freedom”… I don’t know… is it really worth all the tax dollars that would be spent to support her if they let her live for the rest of her natural life in prison??  Probably not.  We have already wasted enough money on the trial.  I still stand behind my words when I say I hope she gets death. :::EDIT::: We kill thousands of innocent babies each year via abortion, why can’t we put to death a few folks who are NOT innocent and have murdered instead of letting them leech off of the taxpayers for the remainder of their natural life?  People want to argue that it is contradictory to kill someone for killing someone… I got news for you… there are a LOT of things in this country that are contradictory and ass-backwards, you can’t please everyone all the time.

There are always going to be people who disagree with something, no matter what it is.  I for one whole heartedly believe that if you kill someone on purpose…because you’re a crazy psycho, you should be put to death… not allowed to live – even if it is in prison.  If you have no qualms about taking someone else’s life, I would have no qualms about sentencing you to death if I were on your jury. But then again, I am from Texas, and if you kill someone in Texas, we will kill you right back.

Anyways, needless to say, I was thrilled with the verdict today.  I honestly felt Jodi was guilty based on the evidence and the paper trail she left.  I think the other things that got brought up by the defense were merely distractions. I feel sorry for both Nurmi and Willmott, they didn’t  want to represent Jodi, but they had to. There is so much criticism flying their direction, but people need to step back and put their selves in Nurmi and Willmott’s shoes.  They did the best with what they had to work with – which was Jodi – and there isn’t a whole lot you can do to help someone like her.

Rest In Peace Travis Alexander

Juror No. 8 Dismissed due to DWI

29 Apr

Well we are down another juror.  Number 8 was dismissed after he was arrested for driving while intoxicated last weekend (seems listening to Jodi’s B.S. drove him to drink!). Many felt this juror would likely be the foreman, and his nickname was “The CEO”.  He was seen taking a copious amount of notes and had submitted quite a few juror questions. I for one am sad to see you go, Juror No. 8!


Link to two articles   about this story.

Travis Alexander Autopsy Report

23 Apr

Travis Alexander Autopsy Report

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